Roll away your stone

The empty tomb changes everything. If Jesus has risen from the dead, then the claims he made are true. Explore why it mattered to Mary and the others, and still does to millions around the world today:

If what Jesus claimed was true his death was not a meaningless tragedy, it was the price he willingly paid to meet us in our loneliness, set us free and to heal his broken world.

‘He is like the light of morning at sunrise
like the brightness after rain
that brings grass from the earth.’

At the very beginning, Jesus invited those who heard him to rethink their beliefs and priorities and to accept for themselves this good news that changes everything.

‘So will I walk away, amazed but lost?
Or will I see that I’ve been found?
Could my life be full of bright new grass
Surging upwards from this sun-warmed ground?

His stone is rolled away, but where is mine?
Should I stay hidden in the dark and cold?
Or should I let the sunlight fall, let him come in,
And find together what this bright future holds?’

The invitation still stands.

It may be that you would like to accept Jesus’ invitation now. Why not watch the video back, and use the prayer that the video ends with to begin speaking to Jesus about what you have come to believe and wish to accept for yourself:

Risen Son of God,
You have plunged into the dust of death for me,
You were left alone so I would never need to be,
And now you stand there, living.
And in your brightness of course I see
All kinds of dark inside of me,
But arms outstretched you seem to say
That you’ll embrace me anyway,
that you will lead me by those hands that bled,
Every stumbled step that lies ahead.
Jesus you’re alive – that is the truth:
And I need nothing else in life as deep as I need you.

If you have decided to follow Jesus, tell a Christian you know and find a local church – a family of others who have uncovered who Jesus is and want to follow him together.

And if you’re still making up your mind, why not sit down with a friend and continue reading, discussing and exploring the website together.


Mark draws us in gradually to his account, telling his story as you would a secret. Build up a picture of Jesus as you explore the stories of those he meets.


The people Jesus meets experience the same questions, hopes and fears that we do today. Discuss these stories with a friend.


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